The Basic Strategies Found in Backgammon

Backgammon bears rather simple and easy rules to follow. But in terms of mastery, it can be quite difficult and maybe even frustrating for an inexperienced player. That is why it is essential for any player to familiarize himself with various basic strategies that are often used in a backgammon game, and that can be learned in any backgammon guide.

These basic backgammon strategies would include Distribution, Exposure, Blocking, Printing, Hitting, and Anchoring.

Distribution, in a backgammon game, would refer to the player's checkers being divided amongst the points that is owned by him. The best way to do this is to make divisions of the checkers or pieces in a very even manner amongst the player's owned points as this will heighten a player's chances of winning the game.

Exposure, on the other hand, is the act of leaving shots in the games early stages so that the player may have a strong attack and defense. This requires a certain amount of skill and some careful consideration as one's opponent's inner board can also be strengthened by doing such, as the player may have a more difficult time to re-enter from the bar, especially if a lot of the points are possessed by the rival player. Although this can be true, it is also true that a particular player can also incur much more risks if he is in control of too many points in the other player's inner board. It would often be advised that a player must try not to exceed having much more than about four blots even if he possesses a board that is weak. The person that is leading in the game must seek to keep his status of winning by making limits to his exposures to the other player's hits.

The third basic strategy that we shall discuss here is blocking and priming. When there exists six points in one row, a prime is then formed so that an opponent may be trapped. Many would advise that it is good to create a prime in early stages of a backgammon game in order to gain a significant amount of advantage over the other player.

Fourthly, we have the strategy of hitting. Upon doing this, one must remember that it is beneficial to hit an opponent's checkers at any given moment. One must be able to make some strategic decisions when doing hits.

Lastly, there is the act of anchoring! An anchor would be a protective point that is set by the players in the home board of their opponent. Doing so will provide the player with places to land if they get hit, and will also hold an opponent away from his inner board.

We hope that these basic strategies in the backgammon game may guide and assist you in your game play. Learning a few tricks and developing one's backgammon skills are certainly beneficial. And if for a change you want to play poker, better get used to the tricks of the game .