Playing the 4-4, 3-3, 2-2, and 1-1 Opening Rolls

Playing the 4-4, 3-3, 2-2, and 1-1 opening rolls right gives a player positional advantage plus opportunities to make a hit and establish points that may lead to decisive advantage during a game. Here's how to play these points during a match in backgammon.

The first and fundamental advice that we can get when playing these opening rolls is that we should make a hit when the opportunity comes. These opening rolls provide excellent chances for making points on the backgammon playing board. Making hits is an added advantage because when a player does make a hit he can easily cover the blot he made with the another checker and establish a point.

Getting a double on a dice roll is an excellent opportunity when it comes. These also become incredibly useful during the opening rolls. Let's take a look at the first one we are going to consider here. We'll start of with the 4-4 opening roll.

Like all the opening rolls we shall discuss here, with the 4-4 opening roll first thing we need to check is if there's an opportunity to make a hit. If there is, then hit and then cover using the other checkers. If in case a hit is nowhere to be made then let's see which points we can establish to maximize on this roll.

One of the very first options a player has to consider with a 4-4 opening roll is a chance to advance the back men (or back checkers). Having a player's back men positioned at the 20 point given this roll makes an interesting defense against a possible prime. It also places the back men at a strategic point where they can make a well timed hit or a chance to run off to safety.

Another important point to make given a 4-4 opening roll is the 9 point. Provides a great opportunity to hinder our opponent's movement and helps to build our home board when the opportunity would arise.

The next opening roll we'll check out is a 3-3-opening roll. This opening roll is almost the same as a 4-4 opening roll, only with a shorter reach. But this opening roll still provides a good chance to make hits and establish good anchors. The really important points we may need to establish given this opening roll are the 21 point and the 10 point.

The 2-2 opening roll is like a shorter 4-4 opening roll that would require a player to use all the moves on just 2 checkers. The important points we need to make would be the 4 point and the 11 point. A good piece of advice when our opponent makes a blot on the 20 point is to hit it, then make the 4 point. It advances one of the back men and establishes a home board point.

The 1-1 opening roll helps build our home board. A player may build the 5 point given this opening roll. Or if given the opportunity a player can make a hit at the 4 point if our opponent has split his back men and one of them has landed on the 4 point given that we made a 1-1 opening roll.

Playing the following double opening rolls right will be useful to the overall game play. Just remember to establish points and to hit when the opportunity comes.