The Backgammon Variant: Crazy Narde

Crazy Narde is a variation of the backgammon game. It is more commonly known as "Gul Bara" in certain countries, and is popular in the country of Bulgaria. This game's primary goal is to get a player to take all of his checkers all around the backgammon board and of course, bear all of them off. The victor of the game is the player who is first to bear off all the checkers that he possesses.

To play the game, two players will start to roll a die and whoever gets the higher number is the first to make a move on the board. The said player with the higher number then begins his turn and starts the game off by rolling dice once again. Both players would have fifteen checkers at the beginning of the game which is located on the right most part of the furthest side on the board. The player's checkers are usually located in a diagonally opposite corner position. During the game play, both players move their checkers in a similar direction, round the backgammon board in a counterclockwise manner. When the dice are rolled, each player then knows how many points or what they call "pips", they can start moving their checkers to. In this Crazy Narde game, the solitary checker can move only to a point that is open, and that is not currently occupied by another player's checker. The numerals that can be found on the two dice would usually be made use of by the player for making a separate move or moves, or it can also be used for a single move by adding both numbers together to form one number. For instance, when a player rolls the number five and two, he may then take one checker and move it five spaces to a point that is considered open, and then take another checker and then move that checker two spaces to a point that is considered as open. Given that example, the player may also choose to only move a single checker seven spaces onto a point that is open because if one adds five and two, it would total a seven. These choices are left to the player to decide for himself which would be the best move to make for his game play in order to have better chances of winning. The biggest difference that Crazy Narde has as compared to other backgammon forms is that there is no presence of hitting in this game, so only one checker can control a point.

Crazy Narde or Gul Bara is a game that is worth giving a try as it can be just as enjoyable as the real and original Backgammon game. After all, the concepts are very much alike.