Backgammon Supplies That can be Bought Online

We all know that poker is the most popular among all the gambling activities that exist worldwide. Nonetheless, other casino games such as blackjack and backgammon have also started to gain popularity. Just like poker, the other casino games that have started to become popular are now played not only in casinos but also in private places such as the players' residences. This only goes to show that anyone can now purchase materials needed in playing these games. And these materials can now be purchased in retail stores. Let's focus our discussion on the game of backgammon. Retail stores are now selling backgammon sets. When we say "backgammon set," it means that all the materials needed in order for players to play are included in a complete package. But what if there are consumers who do not want to purchase the entire set and instead, they just want to purchase a single backgammon supply?

Well, manufacturers and retail stores are of course ready for that. Now, different backgammon supplies can be bought separately. Some can even be bought per piece. What makes it really convenient for customers is the fact that backgammon supplies can be bought not only in retail stores but also on the Internet. In this regard, let's take a look at some of the backgammon supplies sold on the Internet. And perhaps, consumers might also have the chance to purchase materials at a discount.

Sonne is a manufacturer of backgammon supplies and one of its products is the Dice Cup. Dice Cups are actually sold as a pair for US$85.00. These Dice Cups will be loved by players because they are easy to grip or hold and they do not make a sound when tumbled. The outer and inner bottoms and walls of these dice cups are cushioned, preventing this backgammon supply from creating annoying sounds.

Another backgammon supply that can be purchased via the Internet is the Thick Backgammon Checkers. The dimensions of a single backgammon checker are 1 7/8 inches in diameter and 0.8 inches in thickness. In most cases, a package of backgammon checkers is composed of fifteen light checkers and fifteen dark checkers. The cost of a single package is US$55.00.

Another type of backgammon checkers is called the Large Crisloid Backgammon Checkers. The dimensions of one checker are 1 inches in diameter and 7/16 inches in thickness. Players will definitely find it even more interesting to play backgammon if they use this backgammon supply. A set of the Large Crisloid Backgammon Checkers is composed of thirty pieces wherein fifteen pieces are of the same color and the other fifteen pieces are of another color. There are different colors to choose from. One set can be bought in green and white colors, one set is in blue and white colors, one set is in brown and white colors, and another set is composed of red and white colors. This set of backgammon supply can be purchased for only US$50.00.

Other backgammon supplies that can be ordered via the Internet are a pair of Crisloid Dice Cups for only US$42.50, a Vinyl Dice Cup for only US$30.00, a set of Plastic Backgammon Checkers for only US$20.00, and a set of Drueke Backgammon Pieces for only US$16.49.