Backgammon Etiquette: Unsportsman-like Conduct

It's pretty irritating if your opponent acts in an unsportsman-like way. This is very true for any sport or competition and it is also true when you play backgammon. Unsportsman-like conduct is not in keeping with proper backgammon etiquette. Here's a list of things you should not do when you play a game of backgammon.

First in the list of unsportsman-like conduct is to point out that an opponent's luck as the reason for winning. Pointing out that the reason for your opponent's victory is due to luck is basically insulting the person's skill. Yes, even though your opponent was really extremely lucky during your game, it is still unsportsman-like conduct to make mention of it.

Don't forget that really good backgammon players seem to be luckier not because they are but because they've set themselves up to accommodate both good and bad rolls during the game.

Next in our list of don'ts in backgammon etiquette is quite related to the first one. During the game, if your opponent makes a bad roll don't mention that that roll is your lucky roll. There is just no room for derision during a match; it is poor sportsmanship looking at it from any angle.

Another way of doing this unsportsman-like conduct is to giggle or laugh (or even a quiet "yes") when your opponent makes a bad move or roll, or if you make a really good roll off your turn.

Never hold or handle the doubling cube if you don't intend to use it. This is considered by some as a form of cheating. Some backgammon players intentionally take the doubling cube just to check how their opponent would react.

Another violation of backgammon etiquette is rolling your dice before your opponent finishes all possible moves. You'll know it's your turn if your opponent picks up the dice. It is also inappropriate to rush your opponent.

The opposite of the previous unsportsman-like conduct is also true. It's quite okay to sit and think but don't drag the game to a really slow pace. It is quite inconsiderate if you take too long just to make a simple decision.

It is considered rude and an unsportsman-like conduct to chitchat with people over the next table. Talking on your cellphone, or listening to your ipod during a match is considered bad etiquette.

It is also considered unsportsman-like conduct to say "nice roll" every time your opponent makes one. This is like saying you're winning because you're lucky. This is just improper backgammon etiquette.

Make sure to avoid all the items mentioned here when playing backgammon. These are considered as unsportsman-like conduct and poor backgammon etiquette.