Backgammon Early Game Strategy Example

Here's an example of a backgammon early game strategy. You may use this or make up one of your very own. It is important that a backgammon player to develop an early game strategy. It just doesn't pay to be in a heap of trouble at the early part of a backgammon game.

Early game strategy #1: Make Points by Slotting. Slotting is a really fast way to build points on the backgammon board where you want them. Bringing down builders from the mid-point (i.e. the 13-point) is a favorite way to build points as well as slotting points your home board.

The great places to slot and land your builders are on the five-points of both sides of the backgammon board. Your very own five-point and your opponent's five-point are excellent strategic positions.

From your opponent's five-point any of your opponent's checkers are within reach when they land on the outer board. Some players call the five-point the golden point because of its unique position. You can slot your five-point with an opening of two-one or five-one.

Early game strategy #2: Splitting the Back Checkers. It's a good idea is to split your back checkers if the opportunity arises. If your opponent doesn't hit a checker then you can send the leading back checker to a safe spot at the mid-point where your other checkers are waiting.

Don't be afraid of getting a back checker hit in the opening play of a backgammon game. It is too early in the backgammon game, and since you'll be entering that checker on the next turn, you have a chance to hit back and make your opponent really lag in the pip count.

Rolls like a six-four, six-three, six-two, two-three, and four-one are excellent for this type of early game strategy in backgammon. They also give you an opportunity to do the next backgammon early game strategy.

Early game strategy #3: Bringing Down the Builders. The mid-point is one of the over stacked points in your backgammon set up. Bringing down checkers from the mid-point helps you build primes, add anchors, and to contain enemy checkers in a backgammon game.

Early game strategy #4: Build home board points. Rolls like three-one, four-two, and five-three let's you build home board points. These home board points will be of a great help to you in the latter part of a backgammon game.

Developing an early game strategy sets up the rest of a backgammon game. It would help you avoid the hassle of bad checker development in the later phases of a game of backgammon.